In honor of my final official blog post for Gender and Computerization, I thought it would be nifty to look at some women blogging technology out there in the interwebs. I’ve visited some of these over the past semester for ideas. And then I found some other neat things that need mentioning. So for a smorgasboard of gender tech fun, read on.

Chip Chick: Tech and Gadgets from a Girl’s Perspective Lot’s of talk of cute and ugly on here in relation to gadgets. Though it does feature some ridiculous items you might not see elsewhere, like the Crystal Lipstick Mouse and the Toilet Sound Blocker, I wouldn’t go here for solid tech info.  There is also a girls site called Chip Chicklets  which again just seems to feature gadgets for kiddos without any solid reviews. I suppose I would say if you’re looking for a strange gadgety gift to buy someone, check here.

SheGeeks: Keep Up with the Best in Social Media Corvida Raven does social media commentary right. Her most recent post is on tweeting and the interplay between humans and data. The lifestream as city diagram is hot.

aliza sherman rants and raves subtitled “Rants and Raves from Web pioneer Aliza Sherman: the Original Cybergrrl and founder of Webgrrls International, co-founder of social media marketing consultancy Conversify. Topics include social media, business, marketing, gender issues, work, life, and more.” Check out this interview with Sherman.

Girl Geek Dinners. Food and tech talk. Brilliant. And they’re worldwide. The mission:” Our mission should we choose to accept it:

  • To break down old fashioned social stereotypes.
  • To identify routes around barriers to entry for anyone to get into technology.
  • To encourage and nurture those interested in technology.
  • To work with local schools, colleges and universities to encourage more women into the technology industry.
  • To support those currently in the industry and work together to figure out the issues and the solutions.
  • To include men, women and children in this journey…. and not exclude men from Girl Geek Dinner Events

If I’ve missed something off of here then do let me know and I’ll be happy to add it… this is part of the Ethos of Girl Geek Dinners.”

GirlyGeekdom a “fun location where girl and guy geeks write about anything that captures their geeky imaginations.” Inclusiveness with this one as well as the Girl Geek Dinners, which reminds me of the studies where girls designed games with girls and boys in mind, while boys designed games for boys.

5 Tips for Raising your Geek Girl from Wired. Mary, they mention Felicia Day!

Girl Geek Chic a girl’s guide to technology with Nikki Moore. Gadget reviews mostly.

Nerd Girls Blog This has fun stuff for teen girls like how to make music on the web and social media response to disasters. The blog is part of a larger website started by an engineering professor at Tufts. Nerd Girls “are a growing, global movement which celebrates smart-girl individuality that’s revolutionizing our future.”Okay, so I guess they had a reality show a couple of years ago? Not sure, but here’s a clip about who the Nerd Girls are. It annoys me on a few levels, but it does make the field (at least engineering) look glamorous and if that’s what it takes…

Knitting + computers = captain capacitor