This seems like a fabulous idea, in order to celebrate World Play Day, UBUNTU women are challenging UNIX users to take photos of their daughters mashing around on computers. Yes! They will select two winners, one randomly and one that best shows a girls love of computers. Yes, again!

Why are UBUNTU Women hosting this competition:

“A pivotal issue within computing cultures of today is the overemphasis on boys and men as the primary consumers of technology. Children learn by example and since the majority of media images consist of boys playing computer type games and girls playing with stereotypical princess type dolls; this contributes to the lack of involvement in science and technology by our young women.”

This also brings up another topic…the number of women involved in creating open source software. A report on free and open source software (FLOSS) shows that only 1.5% of the community is comprised of women as opposed to 28% of women involved with proprietary software. Yet another area where women are underrepresented in the IT field. Boo.