Since I cruised through Seventeen a while back to see what kind of technology girls encounter while browsing through their favorite magazine, I thought I’d do the same for boys. I looked through the magazines at Border’s and decided on Sports Illustrated. I know that it has a much older readership as well, but I’m guessing it’s fairly popular with teen boys. And the sports vs. fashion dichotomy seems to work.

Let’s begin then…As with Seventeen, it was very iPhone app happy. The first ad: “See Live Baseball: Click. Tap. Clap.” featured a laptop and an iPhone. (p25)

Next was an ad for Turbo Tax (p91), which would definitely not be targeting teenage boys. Though I suppose it’s never too early for branding.

Another iPhone app (p109), this time the “World’s Sexiest App.” Of course, an ad for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit app.

Lastly was an ad for Comcast Xfinity (p117), which had the text: “Welcome to more choice, more control, more speed, and more HD than ever before. “ I’m sure that teen boys, as well as teen girls, have some sway when it comes to parents’ decisions on TV, so this could work in that way. Otherwise, I would say again teen boys aren’t the target audience.

That’s all for the technology ads. Though I did notice a great deal of automobile ads early in the magazine, which if nothing else adds to the gender stereotype of the entire enterprise.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that boys aren’t bombarded with technology in this magazine, just as girls aren’t with Seventeen. Of course, that isn’t enough evidence to make any generalizations, whatsoever. But it was a fun experiment.