Ok, so I’m apparently behind the times. I’m guessing everyone has heard of the new vlogs that girls (so far as I can see) make when they get home from a hard day of shopping. Girls Gone Viral: Online Fame from Shopping opened my eyes to this new trend and described it as…

“A new phenomenon called “haul videos” means they [girl shoppers] can show off their purchases to the whole world. There are more than 110,000 haul videos currently on YouTube, and some videos are racking up tens of millions of views.” Tens of millions of viewers? Great advertising, right? Apparently some vloggers are scoring sponsorships, magazine spreads, and product deals. Still cheap when compared to the money these companies would be shelling out for adverstising. 

The FTC has even enacted regulations concerning this cozy relationship between teenage vlogger and company. “While they are allowed to accept free merchandise, haul video vloggers must disclose if they are being paid by a company to review a product.” Crazy. Watch the video that accompanies the article from GMA, it pretty much sums up the insanity.

Without further ado, a haul video, so you get the picture. (I only watched the first minute, but it’s fairly simple to see what’s going on.)

Forever 21 haul. This appears to be the store of choice.  

Now for the fun part. Haul video parodies! First, a mom’s grocery haul.

CVS Haul spoof by lilbluehersheykiss. Awesome! Watch it till the end.