The Wisconsin Rapids Tribune reports: “According to the year-long study of more than 1,000 women from Lifetime’s Women & Gaming study, 76 percent of women play electronic games and 83 percent of women gamers like to play on their own.”

Nena Fisher, a gamer and manager of Tech Lounge, said “more women are playing games at home than in larger areas such as Tech Lounge, and their choice of games are different.Girls are more into … role playing games. They also play (massive multiplayer online games), whereas guys are usually into first-person, shooter action-type games.”

Ok, so girls play different games than boys. Sometimes. But, they are gaming.

As the article says, not many girls into first-person shooters, so not many girls at the release for Halo 3.

This guy brings up lots of good points about girls and gaming. Why they aren’t there. What could bring them into the fold. Why the images aren’t working. etc. It’s long (~10min), but it sums up the issues pretty well.