A new article from Canada featuring the same experts with many of the same quotes in the same newspaper written by the same person. But I read it differently and found something new that she added.

This interesting tidbit about stereotypes… If you think about the places where girls are most likely to encounter stereotypical representations, you think tv, movies, and magazines, among other things. Well, Seventeen magazine, which is pretty much one big mash of stereotypes, has developed a Body Peace Treaty. With the treaty, girls vow to, among other things, “know that I’m beautiful just the way I am.” Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve looked at a Seventeen magazine, but as I remember they’re all about “helping” you see how much more beautiful, thin, etc. you can be, if you just follow some trick or another. It’s a good try, but I don’t think it’s what we’re really looking for. The article makes a good point about the “treaty” –” It’s just a bundle of mixed messages and the corporation is able to create a relationship between the girl and the brand, to ‘friend’ the girl. … ‘Hey, it’s not us, it’s you! We’re here to help you not listen to the messages that we’re giving you.”

But, I do hesitate to say it’s all bad. The girl in the following video is obviously gaining some strength from reciting the treaty and encouraging other girls to join.

What do you think? Do we just have to try and extract the good from the bad?