Everywhere I’ve been lately, Wal-Mart, Indiana Ice game, the Girl Scouts have been out in full force selling their cookies. Way to go! But it looks like the Girl Scouts are going online these days to sell even more cookies. Way to go, again!

Girls are even making videos to market their cookies. However, “This official enthusiasm for digital marketing wasn’t apparent last year when a young Girl Scout in North Carolina posted a simple video on YouTube to pitch her cookies. The organization called the video a violation of its rules, and the scuffle over the 8-year-old’s viral effort became a national story.” Weird, right? Why shouldn’t a young girl use her mad technology skills to market her cookies? They say safety. Apparently, the Girl Scouts have gotten over this, since a quick search today of “buy Girl Scout cookies”, turned up  a good number of  marketing videos made by girls on YouTube. I suppose it could be that the girls just went ahead and made videos even though the organization didn’t approve? Subversive Badge, anyone? Here are a couple of examples:

I also found this helpful video on how to pump up cookie sales.

It seems like this type of online marketing could warrent a badge?!? Something to go along with the Computer Fun Badge for Junior Girl Scouts. Or Computer Smarts for Brownie Girl Scouts.

[Full disclosure: I was a Senior Girl Scout. And loved it. And I sold cookies, though not online.]