Sally Ride, in the article from yesterday’s post, said, “If you Google for pictures of scientists you get a page of geeky guys who look like Einstein. There’s no 11-year-old girl who aspires to that.” So, I thought…a test is in order. Of the top five results returned in my search for “scientist,” one actually has a woman as part of a larger group.

That was the fifth picture.

The first and third image were pretty much the same. The first pictured one scientist and the third had five. Really, though, who knows if it’s a man or woman under that suit? And I think they look pretty cool.

The second picture is a cartoon of very stereotypical male scientists.

The fourth image is also a cartoon. That doesn’t apply so much.

So what does this tell us? Men are represented more, just like S.R. said. And also, Google has a strange idea of a scientist (see last image). Though they weren’t necessarily the images I thought would be returned. I did expect more along the lines of the stereotypical male scientist.

Anways…Then I came across this. But, I’m not sure what it has to do with anything. Four girls wearing shirts that say “Talk to nerdy to me” across their breasts. A girl with her Mac on her bed. A girl in a Star Wars shirt. A girl with a “I (heart) my geek” shirt. So, we have sexualized images of girls in “geek ware.” They all aren’t, so that’s good. I’m fairly certain these are images for the male set. But still.

And then this. Which makes me sad.

Okay, Mary, what do you think? About scientists, nerd girls, or any other random thing – kind of like this post?