Yes, girls and women like to shop. I’m not excluded from that stereotype (!!! no, not that word!!!). (Secret: I know a few boys and me who like to shop, too. Don’t tell.) But this is yuck. An online shopping experience for girls that marketers will pilfer for information on shopping patterns and trends.

“PlumWillow will enable members to shop together virtually with friends, help make wardrobe decisions and share their choices through their social networks. The site, expected to launch in the second quarter of this year, features multiple brands that appeal to teens and allows users to design their own outfits and avatars. A user’s purchases are stored in a virtual closet, which could provide valuable marketing information to brands.”

Gross, gross, gross.

“Stone said there are 13 million girls in the company’s target demographic that spend an average of about $1,100 per year on clothes, making it a nearly $15 billion market.”

Look at all the money that can be made. What is this world I’m living in? What could be a fun way for girls to enjoy social networking is turned into a scary world of business people out for blood, ummm, I mean money.