This just in from our neighbors to the north. The title continued: “From pressures to conflicting messages, navigating the landscape has its challenges.” The world offline has challenges too. And we manage to navigate. Like any new forms of technology (think: telegraph, telephone) females are seen as unable to be trusted or able to find their way about. Yep, we girls make mistakes along the way, but that’s kind of life. And the consequences…we have to deal. Maybe we haven’t completely realized some of the consequences of online shananigans (i.e. sexting), but it’s becoming clearer.

On to the article…”We sort of assume that technology is a boy world, but new research is indicating that it’s a girl’s world and that girls are jumping into online media at a faster rate than boys,” says Valerie Steeves, a professor of criminology at the University of Ottawa.”

First, why are you assuming technology is a boy’s world?!? Yay, girls for jumping online. See, computers are fun!

Continuing: “Some experts say online media is empowering girls to break out of the narrow roles defined by mainstream media, Steeves says, while others are concerned girls and women might be simply reproducing the same stereotypes online.”

What are the “narrow roles defined by mainstream media?” Fashion magazines saying you have to be skinny and blonde to be beautiful? That’s not our only source of media, though, right? And are we so unable to think for ourselves that we can’t see beyond these stereotypes? Don’t get me wrong, I know the stereotypes exist. Very much. And they gross me out. But as Mary, so brilliantly says, when are we going to take back being the subject and not the object? The media isn’t going to do us any favors.

And lastly…”Their real-world experiences really do structure their online behaviour,” Steeves says. “The research I’ve looked at argues that the differences reflect the fact that girls feel less safe in the real world than boys do.”

So you needed research to tell you “that girls feel less safe in the real world than boys do”? Really?

When did I get to be so critical and angry? Oh wait, I’ve always been this way 🙂