So, Eric and I are having our first vacation of 2010 in Arkansas. We are staying at his dad’s place in Danville. Eric’s sister, who lives in Canada, met us here, so it’s a family vacation of sorts. In order to join Eric on this little trip, I had to skip my first week of classes. I have a friend with the same schedule, so she’ll be able to fill me in on all that I’ve missed.

When we arrived from 5 inches of snow in Indy to no snow, but icy cold Danville, we were without water. The pipes were frozen. A rustic Arkansas holiday! Being ignorant of the ways of plumbing, I was happy to learn that you can pour a bucket of water in the toilet and it will flush. Amazing 😛 Happily, we have water again. (Not to worry, we were able to shower. At the hospital where Eric’s dad works.)

I’ve spent a good deal of time reading, knitting, and wandering around outside with the cows, donkeys, horses, and dogs. I discovered a magazine here called Countryside, the magazine of modern homesteading. I have to say I was already eager to have a garden this summer, but now I have a few more ideas and am super excited.

In other readings…I’m half way through The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver. Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, and Leon Trotsky have roles in it, and I appreciate the historical aspects of the novel.

I bought a Gurumi Family kit from Knit Picks several months ago and started working on it. I’ve almost finished the little doggie. These cute little soft toys are the knitters version of amigurumi, which are crocheted.