hmmmI had library school orientation on Thursday and Friday. Which also happened to be the first time I’ve ever set foot on IU’s campus. The drive from Indy to Bloomington wasn’t too bad, a little over an hour. I think I can handle that three days a week, though who knows if I’ll be able to keep that kind of schedule in the upcoming semesters. The School of Library and Information Science (or SLIS) is in the Herman B. Wells Library. This lovely yellow construction machine is located just outside the door. All of my classes will be held here and there is a cafe inside as well, so I won’t have to venture anywhere else on campus, unless I want to.


chapelAll faiths chapel complete with cemetary.


clock The campus is nicely landscaped, lots of trees and flowers. Though of course you can’t tell that from these pictures. Yeah, like I said random. I’ll do better next time.