Did you read The Wheel on the School by Meindert Dejong when you were a kid? It’s a fabulous story of school children working together to bring storks back to their village. Although it was written a great many years ago and won the Newbery Award in 1955, it is still a timely environmental story. Since there are no nesting sites for the storks they no longer visit the village, but the kids come up with a plan to bring the birds back – the wheel on the school. I reread this book this past spring and enjoyed revisiting characters from my childhood.

Where am I going with this? Sydney and I took a walk a bit ago and on our way back spotted an odd object poking out of the chimney of a house in our cul de sac. As we got closer I was able to make out a great blue heron! I ran inside to get my camera and tada…

what is that thing?Look atop the chimney on the left side of the house.

it's a blue heronYou can make out its’ beak in this one.