Stephanie and I had a great time at “Cumberland Goes to Market.” It was definitely a learning experience and we’re looking forward to our next festival!

set upThe blue “dining tent” was an experience into itself. When you’re thinking about an outside event such as this, you think what’s the worst thing that could happen? Rain. Or maybe the glaring rays of the sun.  But who would imagine that wind could actually be such a nightmare? Saturday was an extremely gusty day in Indy. Now think of a rainy, windy day and you’re rushing into work, late as usual. What happens to your umbrella? It turns inside out. So do “dining tents”! Oh, how I wish I had a picture of that. And it happened way more than once. Fortunately no one was injured.

Stephanie10:00 am and ready to go! By 4:00 we were exhausted, sunburned, and wanted nothing more to do with blue “dining tents”.

set up 2

set up 3Check out that awesome sign Stephanie painted for me! Fabulous!