I’ve been crafting like crazy this past week. Stephanie and  I are participating in our very first arts & crafts festival tomorrow! Yesterday we did a practice run in Stephanie’s backyard. She did way more work than me on this – all of the signage, pet portraits, felt goods, and more.

craft table1

craft table 2

pet portraitsStephanie’s art work. Do you see Hazel & Sydney’s portraits?

pin cushionsHow cute are these pin cushions Stephanie made? Donuts, pie, and a cinnamon roll! And in the top right corner are coffee cozies (so you don’t have to take the cardboard sleeve on your coffee at the coffee shop) complete with a pocket for sugar. This is just one of our “green” products.

treeDo you see the cute horses Stephanie crafted? They are hilarious! Those are keychain wallets hanging from the “branches” made by yours truly.

Wish us luck! I’ll post pictures of the actual festival soon.