I took mom and Keeley half way to Arkansas yesterday. We met dad at Boomland and they were on their way. Eric and I wanted Keeley to stay the summer with us, but she was eager to get home and see her friends. While she was here she purchased the hat seen below. Apparently this is cool. keeley hat

On my 5 hour drive back to Indy, I finished listening to Everyman by Philip Roth. If you’re in the mood to think about aging and death, then I highly recommend it. Just be prepared to be depressed. I started listening to it and Grayson on the drive up a couple of weeks ago. Grayson is the sweet story of a girl who is followed by a lost baby gray whale while she is taking her daily swim in the Pacific Ocean. It is the true story of author Lynne Cox’s encounter when she was a teenager.

grayson everyman

And some more flowers…pink



I can’t wait to see this one when it blooms!