The move is finally over, though the moving in is still going full force. The drive up wasn’t too bad. Eric was driving the moving truck with Hazel, I was driving my car with Keeley and Sydney, mom was driving Eric’s car, and dad was driving his car. Quite the caravan.

Once we finally got to Indy we had to stay at a Super 8 for two nights (arrived Sunday night, closed on Tuesday). Hazel wasn’t too pleased with the arrangements, but we managed. We were actually able to start moving in yesterday around 3:00. Around 7:00 one of our neighbors brought us pizza, beer, and sodas. Super neighborly.

Today we continued with the neverending unpacking and arranging.  The house is starting to look somewhat normal. Sydney is loving the backyard and Hazel is well, Hazel. Mom, dad, and Keeley have been a big help.

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